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 HARDWARE    In order to participate in an online course you will need the following hardware.

  • A Pentium II (or higher processor) computer
  • 64 megabytes (MB) of random access memory (RAM) minimum
  • An Internet Connection (outside of firewalls -- firewalls may cause connection problems using Blackboard and downloading files)
  • If you are taking Speech (Communication Applications), PIT, or Spanish you will need a webcam and a mic.



  • A web browser (Internet Explorer (IE) 7 or higher)  IE can be downloaded from the Microsoft website free of charge.
  • A working Email account that can be accessed and checked frequently. Please make sure that the email account will allow for new users (like the instructors) to email you, the student, through this account. So if Parental Controls are set to not allow unknown emails to come in, then that will need to be changed for the duration of the online course.
  • You need some type of word processing software.



  • Students must agree to the following contracts.  All students taking virtual high school classes will have to agree to the PVS Student Contract
  • Contact your counselor for permission
  • Pay course fees if applicable.