Principles in Informational Technology Semester 2 is the second half of a year course. Each unit has various activities designed to help you learn the content with unit projects and a final project at the end. This course does not have a proctored final exam.  There are various types of activities, assignments, quizzes and projects throughout the units to assess the student in a variety of way. The course is designed to run on a 35 day schedule and will cover the following 7 sections:
# of Days  Points
Unit Name  Unit Overview 
 2  140 Welcome
This section will go over vital information needed for you to be successful in this course. You will take a tour through the different areas of the course as you learn policies and procedures.
 6  498 Word Processing
Word Processing is the use of computer software to enter and edit text. Using a word processing software allows you to easily create and edit documents such as letters and reports. You can create documents that can be published as in various formats. These documents can be used at school, home or work. This unit will cover the basics of word processing. Any advanced word processor may be used.




A spreadsheet is a grid that organizes data into columns and rows. Spreadsheets make it easy to display information, and people can insert formulas to work with the data. For example, there is a particular icon that has a formula to sum up numbers that are given. This icon is called auto sum. Information can also be sorted and filtered. You can use whatever spreadsheet program you want.




A database is a system intended to organize, store, and retrieve large amounts of data easily. It consists of an organized collection of data for one or more uses, typically in digital form. One way of classifying databases involves the type of their contents, for example: bibliographic, document-text, statistical. Some commonly used Database systems are ooBase, MySql, Access, Paradox and Oracle. Open office is a free office program. You will need to install Open Office to use the database program called ooBase for this unit. Open Office can be obtained at




A presentation is a form of communication with an audience. When you prepare for a presentation you must consider elements such as the situation for which the presentation is designed, the method that you will use, and the response that your audience will make. In this section we will look at the different methods you can use to make a presentation. More specifically, we will explore different digital ways to incorporate your ideas into your message using a presentation program. We will be using the OpenOffice Impress for this unit. Open Office can be obtained at We will also use and CamSudio during this unit. CamStudio can be downloaded at




This is the area where you pull it all together. You will create a company and then produce all the documents for this company. This section will be open the entire session. It is advised that you work a little each week on this project.




You will be tracked for your daily activity.  The more you work the higher your attendance points will be.  Attendance is worth 100 pts.