Course Information

This is a six week course that will teach you best practices on how to be an effective online instructor. You will encounter a variety of assignments and activities to prepare you to teach an engaging course starting with how to support students. You will explore different ways to communicate with students. Learners will analyze collaboration and assessments in an online environment, and develop a lesson that could be used in an online class. You will gain insight on how to create a lesson that is accessible to all learners as well as knowledge regarding the laws and standards that are applicable to all classes.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the participant will be able to: Use appropriate supports to help online students be successful Analyze best practices for communication and collaboration in an online course Evaluate online content and create valid and reliable assessments Use Universal Learning Design to create lessons that are accessible to all students Understand the laws and standards for all classrooms.


  • Valid Texas Teaching Certificate
  • Know how to use email, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Required Materials
  • Computer
  • Internet accessibility
  • Email