• Can I drop the Course? you have 4 school days from the first day of the course to drop without grade penalty
  • Can I get a refund? no refunds are given at anytime once the course begins.
  • Can I take more than one class at a time? yes, as long as your counselor approves it.
  • Can I take the first semester and second semester at the same time?  unless it is noted that the first semester is a pre-requisite for the second semester, both semester can be taken at the same time if offered.
  • What are the rules I have to follow?  you have to agree to the rules on the student contract
  • Is there a class size limit? yes, we need at least one student for a course to make.
  • What happens if my class doesn't make? If you pay your fee, the course will make.
  • Do the students have to be from Pasadena ISD? We will accept any student from any district as long as their counselor approves them to attend the virtual school.
  • Is there an attendance requirement? you will be tracked based on the amount of time you spend in the course.  All activity will be recorded and used for your attendance grade..
  • How many courses can they take at one time? As many as their counselor approves

  • Is it self-paced ( i.e. can I finish faster than the end date)?  Yes you can however if there are group projects or Discussion Board items you may need to check on those as well.

  • Where are the final exams given? The final exam is a face to face exam that will be given the last week of the course.  We will have several times and locations for the student to choose from.  If a student has a conflict for each of the scheduled exam times and locations they can speak to their instructor for special arrangements.
  • Do I have to take the final Face to Face?  all final exams will need to be proctored by the testing coordinator for your campus.  Several test dates will be scheduled during the last week of the course.  If you cannot make one of these sessions contact your instructor.
  • Is there a computer I can use somewhere?  a requirement for taking an online class is that you have a computer connected to the internet.  If you are having computer issues contact your instructor.
  • Can an incoming freshman take a class in the summer before they start high school?  all students are eligible if the course is approved by their counselor. 
  • Is there a way to pay by Credit Card?  Yes.  You can pay securely online with a credit card.  Or you can pay with cash or a money order.  Once you register you will be given further instructions.