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World History A

World History is a full credit Social Studies course that prepares you for the World History TAKS test. World History A explores the origins of civilization through the political revolutions of the 1700s. The discovery of human remains, the origins of the first societies, the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Romans and the formations of the world's major religions are all examined in the very first Unit. The remaining 5 units will teach you about the European Dark Ages, the great Mongol and Muslim, and Byzantine Empires, the age of exploration and voyages of famous sailors such as Christopher Columbus, the famous Kings and Queens of Europe, African empires and the gold, salt, and slave trade, the Italian Renaissance and it's great artists and architects, and finally the age of Enlightenment and political revolutions such as the American Revolution and French Revolution. You will learn all of these topics through readings, videos, photo analysis, web research, and individual and group assignments.