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Astronomy B

This is the second semester of Astronomy.  The completion of the first semester is not a prerequisite for this course.  In Astronomy B, students will explore the following topics:


  • Unit One- The Scientific Theories of the Evolution of the Universe:  In this unit, students will compare and contrast the major theories of how the universe was created.

  • Unit Two- Galaxies:  This unit focuses on the basic properties of galaxies, the different types of galaxies, and how they are classified.

  • Unit Three-  The Life Cycle of Stars and The Sun:  In this unit, students will describe the primary energy source for stars,  the basic characteristics of stars, and spectral analysis.  In addition, students will explore the unique characteristics of our Sun and its effects on Earth.

  • Unit Four-  The Space Program:  This unit is dedicated to the history of the different space programs that have developed throughout history and the current direction of the U.S. space program.