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Psychology is a one-semester, half-credit Social Studies class that teaches you the basics of all aspects of the field of Psychology. If you have ever wondered why personalities differ, and some people are loud and outgoing while others are quiet and shy, why we need so much sleep, how substances affect our thought processes, or how people with psychological disorders are diagnosed and treated, then this is the course for you.
Psychology has 6 Units:

  1. Introduction and Research Methods - This unit focuses on how Psychology developed into a science and what research methods Psychologists use to gather and analyze data on human behavior. 
  2. Biology & Behavior - Unit 2 teaches us how heredity, hormones, and the different parts of the brain make us who we are and give us the unique personalities we have. 
  3. Development - This unit explains how human beings develop physically, socially, and emotionally. You will learn about the developmental milestones of each stage of life - from infancy to old age. Learning, Intelligence, and
  4. Motivation - Unit 4 dives into how people learn, remember, and analyze information. 
  5. Personality, Stress, and Disorders - In this section of the course you learn about aspects of personality, how and why they differ, what stress is and how it affects behavior, and the various Psychological Disorders that afflict millions of people around the world. 
  6. Social Psychology - The people around us no doubt affect how we behave. This final unit explores all of the ways in which teachers, parents, and those in our culture affect our behavior.