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This is the first semester course of Principles of Information Technology (PIT A).  This course runs as a stand alone and is not required to be taken prior to PIT B.  The sections to the left will cover the PIT A Syllabus, Assignments, and Learning Objectives.  The Required Materials for taking this course is listed below.

Required Materials


  • Computer with internet.
  • Way to take pictures, video, and record audio.  This can be done with a cell phone, webcam, digital camera, etc.  Several projects will require you to include photos you take, videos of you, and narrations with your voice.



  • Working Email Address.
  • Any word-processing program
  • PhotoStory or a similar type of program.



  • Citation Machine (used to cite sources throughout)
  • This course has a group project where you will create a website.  You can use the BlackBoard Wikis or use any free website builders.  A list of the free resources is in the course.