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Principles of Information Technology Semester 1 is the first half of a year course. Each unit has various activities designed to help you learn the content with a unit test and a Final Exam at the end. There are various types of activities, assignments, quizzes, and projects throughout the units to assess the student in a variety of ways. The course is designed to run on a 35-day schedule and will cover the following 7 sections:

# of Days Points
Unit Name Unit Overview
2 150 Welcome This section will go over vital information needed for you to be successful in this course. You will take a tour through the different areas of the course as you learn policies and procedures.
6 320 The Computer System

Why are computers used? Why have they become so popular? These questions can be answered by examining the characteristics of a computer, which include its tremendous speed, accuracy, capacity, durability and reliability, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and technical growth. Computer systems work together in a network. This unit will cover the basic computer system, what makes a computer work, and Networking.

6 281 Input, Output and Processing

Over the past several decades personal computers (PCs) have evolved at an astonishing rate. Machines that once required a warehouse to maintain can now fit in the palm of the user's hand. Not only are they smaller, but a typical PC is exponentially more powerful than a model released only a few years before. Modern computers house a variety of parts that work together to create a stable and effective tool. The constantly evolving hardware can make computer education a foreboding task, but some basic concepts are used continuously to make a PC work.

7 430 The Operating System Now that you know what a computer is, what makes it work, why we use them, and how we connect them together, we need to look at the software that makes the computer do the things you want it to do.
5 242 The Internet

The internet has become a cultural, economical and life changing technological phenomenon. Enough cannot be said about this incredible technology. However, the internet is not one single invention; it is a simple idea that has evolved throughout the decades into something bigger than us all. This unit covers the history of the internet and some important areas of discussion of the internet today.

5 135 Web Design Web design is the building blocks of the internet. This unit will discuss the concept of web design. This unit also will contain a group project.
2 368 Final Exam The Final Exam must be proctored and will include all content for the Semester. Take the Final Review as many times as you like to get the most points you can. Attendance is worth 100 pts.
35 1926